Types and methods of protecting your Smartphone

  • 5 grudnia 2021

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We use them at home, at work, while traveling on a city bus, and even while walking. With their help we contact with friends, look for interesting information, pay bills, take pictures and even make purchases. The frequency of use is high, so the risk of damage is also high. That is why it is important to protect your phone properly to minimise the risk of scratching or damaging it.

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We use them at home, at work, while traveling on a city bus and even while walking. With their help we contact with friends, look for interesting information, pay bills, take pictures and even make purchases. See more:

The most common Smartphone faults and their causes

Given the extent to which smartphones are used, we've all dropped our phones at least once in our lives, or placed them in the wrong place. If the smartphone falls unfortunate may crack or chip the protective glass mounted on it, there may be damage to the glass with a touch panel or display. In addition, there may be problems with the switching on the device, the operation of the sockets (eg USB), the operation of the microphone or speaker, and even problems with reading the SIM card or memory card. If you put the phone in the wrong place, throw it into a bag with keys or other sharp objects, there may be scratches on the screen or casing. Depending on the material of housing scratches can be deeper or smaller. There are also situations in which the phone is flooded. A moment of inattention can cause him to spill a sugary drink, water, falls into a puddle or bucket of water. The easiest way to protect your mobile phone is to equip it with a case, tempered glass or at least a protective film. Depending on the means of protection used, the risk of mechanical damage to the smartphone may be lower or higher

Protective film protects screen from scratches

A dedicated protective film protects your phone screen mainly against scratches. The foil is a very thin, flexible and transparent material, which, depending on its quality, may or may not affect the touch sensitivity of the phone.

Tempered glass protects the screen more effectively than a foil

 Tempered glass is a more effective form of protection for the front of the display than a protective film, primarily due to its greater strength. In addition to protecting the screen from scratches, it also protects it from mechanical damage. In addition, it can serve as a protection against leaving fingerprints on the screen, accumulation of dust or dirt. You should choose tempered glass dedicated to a specific model of a smartphone, to protect the screen as much as possible, while not reducing the functionality or aesthetics of the device. Protective glass for the display or the camera to different models can be found in the assortment, tempered glass category. 

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Case - design and effective protection of your Smartphone

 The most effective form of protection for your phone is a case. A phone case is also one of the most popular and diverse GSM accessories. This type of phone protection is often referred to as a cover, case, enclosure, holster and case. Case protects your smartphone from scratches, dirt, moisture or damage. Etui in addition to providing protection to the device, also affects its appearance (so-called design). Depending on the needs and preferences of the user in terms of appearance or capabilities, on the GSM market you can find several types of cases divided into designs, colors, and even the material from which it was made. A wide selection of cases for different models of phones can be found in the assortment of Telkom and on the website of the online store,case category. There are three basic types of cases:

  • back case - the most popular type of phone case on the market and among users. It protects only the back of the device. On the market you can find this type of armored cases, silicone cases, and even cases with a ring grip;
  • book case (with flap) - a type of cover, which for some is a nice aesthetic addition that is also durable and fits many situations. Unlike the back case protects both the back and front (screen) of your smartphone. It is usually made of leather or plastic. Often also serves as a wallet, due to the possibility of storing cards or documents in it;
  • bumper - these types of products can hardly be called cases or covers. Bumpers are silicone cases without backs - they are placed only on the frame of a smartphone. Bumpers strengthen the structure of the phone, which reduces the impact of falls.


There are various forms of phone protection on the market. The basic forms of protecting the smartphone from unpleasant consequences are: a case, tempered glass or protective film. However, the best of them is a protective case. It protects your phone not only from scratches, moisture, dirt, and even reduces the effects of a fall. It is worth using several means of protection at the same time, most often a dedicated case and tempered glass. Unfortunately, no means of protection or their combination will not protect the phone 100%. In case of more expensive phones it is worth investing in insurance, because their repairs and purchase of parts can be very expensive.

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